Muffins in the microwave

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These muffins I made the other day for breakfast , in a few minutes you have lists and it is a good option for an unexpected.
I leave the recipe.

Kisses and have a good week!

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Microwave muffins:

2 eggs
125 ml. of milk
125 ml. of oil and 240 grs. of flour with yeast
100 grs. of sugar
A pinch of salt

We beat the eggs and add the oil, mix and put the milk, the sugar and the pinch of salt. We mix again, add the flour, we integrate everything and we pour into the molds of muffins.
We put the muffins of 4 in 4 in the microwave and program 2 minutes at maximum power (800 w.). When the time finishes let rest in the micro another 2 minutes.
They are very white above but we can decorate with whatever you want or sprinkle before baking with brown sugar, cinnamon or both. I have put cream of chestnuts and some balls of cereals.
With these amounts I have left 12 muffins.

Source: Kitchen channel: The microwave.